Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Build A Corn Roaster

Roasting corn is an age-old technique that is making resurgence in the home and restaurant cooking scene. When corn is roasted, it retains its entire flavor, as opposed to letting it seep out the way it does when boiled. The idea seems like a challenge to many, but building a corn roaster to use for yourself is relatively easy and cheap. The next time you decide to have a picnic, use your corn roaster for those fresh ears of corn.


1. Prepare your corn. Peel back the husks of each ear of corn, but do don't take them off. Remove the silks from inside each ear of corn. They are inedible. Spread your seasoned butter all over the corn, itself. Salt and pepper are fine to use, but stirring in a little cayenne pepper will give your corn a little kick. Once slathered in the butter, put the husks back up, covering the corn once again. They should look as though no one has ever unhusked them at all. You may do this step as much as several hours ahead of time, letting the corn rest in the refrigerator. Do not let fresh corn sit in a refrigerator overnight, however. It will affect the taste of the finished product.

2. Set up the roaster. Take your cookie sheet and place the cooling rack on top of it in the center. The cooling sheet will act as the holder for your corn, and the cookie sheet will catch the drippings from the butter. Make sure the cooling rack is high enough so the corn will not be resting in the melted butter when it drips off.

3. Seal up the corn. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Place each ear of corn, side by side, on the cooling rack. Wrap the entire cookie sheet in aluminum foil, and place into the oven.

4. Remove and serve the corn. After thirty-five minutes, remove the corn and open the foil on your roaster. Let the corn cool on the cooling rack for at least ten minutes before serving.

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